presented by Welton Colbert

Outstanding Comic
presented by Steve Napierski of Dueling Analogs and The Outer Circle

Outstanding Newcomer
presented by Jess Calcaben of "dreams in synergy"

Outstanding Artist
presented by Derrick Fish of Dandy and Company

Outstanding Writer
presented by Welton Colbert

Outstanding Layout
presented by Emily Kuznia of Evilish

Outstanding Black and White Art
presented by Jon Scrivens of Little Terrors!

Outstanding Use of Color
presented by Whitney June Robinson of Alma Mater

Outstanding Photographic Comic
presented by Evan Nichols of Ask Dr. Eldritch

Outstanding Character Rendering
presented by Anthony Clark of

Outstanding Environment Design
presented by Fesworks of P.S.I. and artist of Ardra

Outstanding Use of the Medium
presented by Eric F Myers of

Outstanding Web Design
presented by Michael Dyer of Heroes of Audio Land

Halftime Show!
presented by Chris Kirk of Sock'd

Outstanding Character Writing
presented by Robert Monroe of Out There

Outstanding Dramatic Comic
presented by Kane Lynch of Quamran

Outstanding Comedic Comic
presented by Katie Cook of Katie Can Draw

Outstanding Long Form Comic
presented by Alex Jeffries of The Drivel

Outstanding Short Form Comic
presented by Alvaro Lopez-Moreno of Bad Hair Day

Outstanding Single Panel Comic
presented by Adam Holwerda of JGotSpys

Outstanding Anthropomorphic Comic
presented by Jon Stetler of Fletcher Apts.

Outstanding Fantasy Comic
presented by Kel McDonald of Sorcery 101

Outstanding Gaming Comic
presented by Behrooz Shahriari of AcidDica

Outstanding Slice-of-Life Comic
presented by Bryan Chojnowski of Muffin Time

Outstanding Romantic Comic
presented by Philip Spence of Ninja Bunny

Outstanding Science Fiction Comic
presented by G.M.Mercado of Wind Riders

Outstanding Superhero/Action Comic
presented by Erik Kjerland of Action Figure Comics

Closing Ceremonies
presented by Travis Riddle of Retards 101 and Monsters

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