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January: Ryan Stiles

Ryan Stiles is best known for his appearances on both versions of the improv comedy series Whose Line is it Anyway, but has also appeared on The Drew Carey Show, and both Hot Shots! movies.

December: Private Ryan

The mission.. is a man!

November: Ryan Beckwith

We've proven that there are a number of Ryans that make comics, but let us not forget that there are a number of Ryans IN comics as well! Ryan Beckwith is a character from John Allison's online comic Scary Go Round!

October: Ryan Larkin

Canadian animator Ryan Larkin is not only the creator of the 1969 Oscar nominated short Walking, but his life is the subject of the 2005 Oscar winning animated short Ryan. He is currently working on his newest film, Spare Change.

HEy look Ryans!

Posted by Ryan S. Wednesday, June 27th

Hey everyone, look all the Ryans were together at MOCCA! Ryan E even Flew all the way in from India for the weekend! For some reason the flash on the camera made his face look all strange. But I promise you he was there. Why would one Ryan lie to another?

I hope this isn’t’ to much Ryan for anyone.. But I guess you can never have enough Ryan.


Ryans take over LJ!

Posted by Ryan E. January 18th


Ryan S.' previous post may have been about the day that Batgirl took over Livejournal, but the truth is, it's Ryans that are taking over LJ. Take for example, my newest project, Frank: The Comic Strip. The new official comic of Livejournal. It features the LJ mascot in wacky weekly adventures. You can checki it out every wednesday on its official site.

Now, being the unofficial official cartoonist of LiveJournal doesn't in any way require me to promote the site. But that didn't stop me from telling my fellow (almost) Ryan, Bryan Chojnowski, that if he didn't start a Livejournal I would punch him in the face. Truth is, Bryan is always IMing me awesome sketches that few ever get to see. So I blackmailed im to setting up a new art blog. Check it out!



Posted by Ryan S. January 13th


Hey it's Ryan s!

if some how you haven't seen yet, All of us Ryans have drawn Bat girls.. you should check them out.. and draw one if your name is Ryan (or even if you name isnt Ryan)


Virtual high fives !

Posted by Ryan E. January 6th


I would like to extend my belated New Year's wishes to you all, and give some very belated virtual high fives to two new honorary Ryans.

Behrooz Shahriari has created a new comic called "The Ryans", featuring a sitcom family with a very awesome name. It's part of his 24-a-day series.

And Andrew Stam Parnell has made a strip about The Ryans, and while he may not have introduced a character named Ryan yet, I give him an A for effort, and honorary Ryanhood.

Two both of you, I give this virtual high five.

Ho Ho Ho !

Posted by Ryan E. December 22nd


Here are some Christmas-themed comics from The Ryans

Ryan S. serves up some Holiday tenderness

According to Oh No Robot! Ryan N. has all kinds of Christmas comics

And Ryan E. only has this old one from last year.


At long last !

Posted by Ryan E. December 11th


12 months of Ryan goodness, now available for 15 bucks at

2 for 1 Summer fun!

Posted by Ryan E. December 11th


I missed a couple days, so here's a 2-for-1 Calendar preview!

July by Ryan Estrada

June by Ryan Veeder



Posted by Ryan E. December 8th


This one is by the super awesome Ryan Claytor! In the actual calendar, you'll be able to read all the lil' words!



Posted by Ryan E. December 7th


A page from Ryan North! There's a discussion about the calendar on my journal that I'd like to extend here... I've added important dates to the calendar like 24 Hour Comic Day, Talk Like A Pirate Day, NaNoWriMo and the like.... does anyone have any suggestions of other dates to add in?



Posted by Ryan E. December 6th


This page by Ryan Sias! I swear, The Ryans 2006 Calendar will be finished before 2006 is. I hope.


Posted by Ryan E. December 5th


Brought to you by Bryan Chojnowski. Sure, he has a "B" in his name, but we can't all be perfect. The Ryans 2006 calendar.... coming real soon! 


Posted by Ryan E. December 4th


This preview page from the Ryans Calendar is by Ryan Wilson.


The name Ryan has lost all meaning at this point!

Posted by Ryan E. December 3rd

Another preview of the mad, mad Ryans Calendar! This time by that bum Ryan E.

I'll be posting new previews each and every day! Stay tuned! Or add theryans to your friends list and stay informed!

In other Ryan news, a quick search of the webcomics encyclopedia over at reveals a number of new Ryan cartoonists! Ryan E. Borella, does Ded End and Ryan Sohmers does Least I Could Do

Geez, how many of us ARE there?

I also found some new comics featuring Ryans as characters. Abstract Gender has a character named Ryan Hawke Captain SNES apparently features a Ryan as well, but I can't find him...? Mnemesis is a completed Graphich Smash comic which features a Ryan. As does Life of Riley It's a good day.. to be a Ryan!


Big news on the Ryan front !

Posted by Ryan E. November 29th

Exciting news!

First of all, we've discovered a new Ryan! Ryan Holgerson is the mad genius behind Crab Grass Comics

We've also heard from Clayton Ryan (The Adventures of Space Hamster), who is obviously Ryan Claytor's evil twin.

And quite possibly the most Ryancentric comic I've ever seen is this one about Ryan the Ayran Arian from Orion who enjoys Rye-in'.

But that's not the big news...... very soon we'll be launching the Ryans Calendar! 12 months of art by Ryans, the perfect gift for the Ryan fan in YOUR family. With spiffy new art by Ryan A, C, E, N, S, V and W, it'll be not only an excellent addition to your home decor, but all the money raised will be donated to the Ryan's Hope Foundation. I'll be posting previews all this month, so stay tuned. This first page is by fellow 168 Hour Comicker Ryan Armand.

Stay tuned to find out how to order your copy!


All-Ryan Extravaganza!

Posted by Ryan E. November 11th

It's an all-Ryan Extravaganza over at Dinosaur Comics!

Ok, I lied. There are other people involved in Dino-Guest Week (aka Party Central) too.

But some of them are Ryans!
Here's one by Ryan S.
and here's one by Ryan E.
Both drawn, of course, for Ryan N.


More Ryans than you can shake a stick at!

Posted by Ryan E. November 10th.... My birthday is totally in ten days.

Greetings from India!
I have earned the "E" in my name and moved to the East, Metro-Mumbai, to be exact.
The land where 'our people' are referred to as "Reeyon" At least it's not like in Korea, where the 'R' and 'L' confusion quickly earns every Ryan the nickname "Lion"
There are a lot of Ryans out there, and we've only named a few. Luckily there are sites like Are you Ryan? to fill in the gap of non-cartooning Ryans.

But even in the field of comics, we've only scratched the surface. There are artists like Johnny Ryan, who due to their last-name status are known as "half bloods". There are middle namers like Zach Ryan Vandezande. We even have Bryans, who get their own little group, known as B-sides. (No, Brians don't count.)

And of course, we musn't forget the Ryans that are on the other side of the pen. The fictional Ryans. The latest Ryan of the month is Ryan Beckwith, a character from Scary Go Round.

Do you know any other comics that have Ryans as characters? Post a link! And because I think the world needs more Ryans, I issue a challenge. If anyone introduces a NEW recurring character named Ryan to your comic, I will dub you an 'honorary ryan" and give you a virtual high five.



Posted by Ryan N. November 6th

So here's something that I've been working on the past while! There are a ton of comics out there that have huge archives but no way to search them. This makes things difficult and can lead to tears. I wrote a website that solves the problem! You add some Javascript to your website, and you get a personalized comics search engine out of the deal, for free! I am really excited about this. I think that a lot of people could use this service. That's why I wrote it.

You and your readers transcribe comics (I've found that comic readers are AWESOME and will do this at the drop of a hat, which is fantastic), which you can approve and edit before they appear online. I've explained the process here on the site!

M-maybe if you have an online comic, you'd be interested in this? David Hellman of A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible did the adorable logo, and deserves many a high five for it.


The Ryanization of Comics

Posted by Ryan E. Friday, October 28th

My road to The Ryans began when I was working with both Ryan S. and Ryan N. for different reasons. Ryan S. was contributing to the cartoonist's choice awards, which I was editing, while Ryan N. and I were working on a Welton Colbert/Whispered apologies crossover for Comixpedia. When that all-Ryan comic jam appeared on Comixpedia, Joe Zabel commented "Excellent! The Ryanization of webcomics proceeds apace!"

If only he knew.

At that moment, I was thinking about joining forces with Ryan N. and S. in some way, but wasn't sure what to suggest. And then, out of the blue, Ryan S. made this suggestion. And it was a good one. And the Ryanization is coming to fruition.

Jealousy is already rearing it's ugly head. It was suggested that Kean Soo start his own name-based comic collective, and call it KeanSpot. Also, rumor has it that Edward J. Grugg III is taking applications for The Extraordinary League of Grugs. Zampzon from Digital Strips suggests that if all of the Scotts in webcomics joined forces, it would be a powerful force.

But all of the jealousy is not unfounded, because The Ryans is already working. Ryan Wilson (The editor of Moo Cow Fan Club Magazine) and I started talking through The Ryans, and I ended up doing illustrations for the next issue. The Ryanization extends to print!


I had a dream

Posted by Ryan S. Wednesday, October 26th

I had a dream
Over the summer I got to hang out with Ryan north at MOCCA, and he was the first Ryan I’d ever met that I liked. I knew Ryan E from all his crazy 24-hour comic madness. Then one night I had a dream, a dream of a website where people could go and see comics by people named Ryan. I emailed Ryan N, And Ryan E, and they were both into it, thusly the RYANS were born. So this is great cuz now I can literally say “ I had a dream” and now it’s here for you to see. So enjoy, and welcome all Ryans! Let us know what you do!

And check out our comics!


Ryans United!

Posted by Ryan E. Thursday, October 13th

Three of the biggest names in webcomics have joined forces! Well, make that one of the biggest names in webcomics. That name is Ryan.

Ryan North, Ryan Estrada and Ryan Sias are now known simply as........... The Ryans.

The northernmost Ryan, Ryan N., is the creator of Dinosaur Comics as well as the collaboration extravaganza Whispered Apologies. He is a member of several collectives, such as Dayfree Press and Truth and Beauty Bombs. South of him lives Ryan S. the creator of Silent Kimbly as well as Urban Transmission Project. He has worked on such things as Mad Magazine, Flight, Bowling for Columbine, and Robots. And in the far East, just back from Korea and Thailand and now in his way to India is artist, animator and adventurer Ryan Estrada. Ryan creates comics about his adventures, about a wiley old coot named Welton Colbert, and soon will be creating comics for Graphic Smash, GirlAMatic, Flight, and lots more.

This website has been created as your source for all Ryan related news and information.