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Ryan Estrada is an artist, author, and adventurer. His books include Banned Book Club, Occulted, and the Student Ambassador series. He has worked for Star Trek, Popeye, Flash Gordon, and Garfield.

He was a gator wrangler in America, an ambassador to Australia, an undocumented animator in Canada, a ghostbuster in South Korea, a Bollywood voiceover actor in India, wandered Kim Jong Il's secret tunnels to North Korea, slept on a bench in a typhoon in Japan, dug toilets in Thailand, did an accidental illegal border crossing into Burma, made road comics in Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam and The Phillippines, documentaries in Colombia and Ecuador, and podcasts in Malaysia, ran with the bulls in Mexico, barely escaped being eaten by lions in Kenya, fainted atop Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, got caught in a Peruvian coca war, lived in a Costa Rican rainforest and a Panamanian volcano.


-Ryan started pitching comics to newspapers when he was six. He bothered the same newspaper until they finally hired him at age sixteen.

-Ryan accidentally invented the word normcore. It was a punchline to one of his comics before Oxford English Dictionary named it runner up word of the year.

-Ryan holds the world record for consecutive comic making after attempting and surpassing the 168 hour comic; one page per hour for a full week.

-Ryan ran @forexposure_txt, the popular artists rights novelty twitter account, for ten years

-Ryan was once interviewed by the BBC about a prank he pulled on Vladimir Putin. He'd been the official cartoonist of LiveJournal before Putin had the company bought out so he could move the servers in Russia and use them to shut down activists. He forgot that Ryan still had the legal and technological ability to make comics about their mascot speaking out against this and post them to the official site.

-Ryan does free virtual workshops and author visits for any school, library or book club that asks! Here is a listing of some of his workshops. Drop him a line to set something up!

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